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Virtual and hybrid events can be daunting when it comes to finding new suppliers. Virtual Event Marketplace makes the process of finding new partners time-efficient and straightforward.

Sourcing new suppliers for virtual and hybrid event projects can be time-consuming and often leaves you with more questions than before you started. Virtual Event Marketplace cuts through the noise, connecting you directly with the suppliers to match your exact needs.

Find the perfect partner for your next virtual and hybrid event by joining today, for FREE!

How it works

1. Sign up for an account

It doesn't cost anything, and you can start posting projects quickly

Use our simple online sign up form to register for an account, then build your online profile to finish getting set up. Once approved by our team you can start posting your upcoming project requirements.

2. Post a FREE Project Listing

Enter all of the details of your upcoming event and what you need

Using our easy online form, build your Project Listing before submitting it for approval. Once approved by our team, the listing will go live and become accessible to global virtual and hybrid event suppliers.

3. Wait to receive bids

This is the easy part, allow suppliers to come to you

Suppliers will carefully review the Project Listing, decide if they can offer the service, and prepare their proposal. They can ask clarification questions using the Q&A board, to ensure accuracy, and once done they simply submit their bid for your consideration.

4. Accept a bid and confirm your partner

Review all received bids before deciding who you want to go ahead with

When you're ready it's over to you to look at all bids received, before deciding which supplier to award the business to. Once done, your stand build partner is confirmed and you can contact them directly to coordinate the finer details in preparation for the event!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No - we are so much more than that. We provide a platform on which event organizers and virtual/hybrid suppliers can actively find each other, to completely revolutionise the virtual event preparation process.

No - not at all. From our background in the exhibition and trade show industry we know how important the personal approach and additional benefits are to securing business from an event organizer. While price is always a consideration, we have put facilities in place on the website to ensure that this remains only a part of the process. Every supplier has the opportunity to make the client aware of any extras they are able to offer, allowing them to make an informed decision.

No - we are not a supplier and we do not provide virtual or hybrid event platforms. Instead our intention is to work with worldwide suppliers to maximise their revenue and bring in more business.

Our biggest USP is that there is currently no other service to match what we offer. We feel there is a need and a demand for what we provide, and we are sure that our innovative thinking will change what is considered "normal" in the market.

I believe there is a great opportunity in the virtual and hybrid approach to events and I am excited to play a key role in advancing the cause

Eric Ly

Co-Founder - LinkedIn / VEI Advisor

Live events organizers will need a new set of skills to accelerate innovation and improve their value proposition to their customers. Learning digital tools for creating successful virtual or hybrid events is certainly a critical priority.

Marco Giberti

Founder & CEO - Vesuvio Ventures / VEI Advisor

The whole shift to virtual and communities is such an opportunity for our industry as a whole. I’m excited about participating in the VEI

Elizabeth Irving

Senior VP Marketing - Clarion Events / VEI Advisor

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