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How does Virtual Event Marketplace work?

Event planners or organizers post a FREE Project Listing detailing what features they require for their virtual event and when they need it.

Virtual platform providers will be notified and can access the details of the Project through their own online account, and can review the client's requirements.

Each Project has an open Q&A board where suppliers can ask the client clarification questions, to explain the finer details of what they need for their event.

Providers can then submit their proposal for the Project, privately through the website, and await the client's decision. If their bid is accepted - they get the contract. It's that simple!

The industry leading marketplace platform for virtual & hybrid events

We connect event organizers with the perfect partner for their virtual and hybrid event

I believe there is a great opportunity in the virtual and hybrid approach to events and I am excited to play a key role in advancing the cause

Eric Ly

Co-Founder - LinkedIn / VEI Advisor

Live events organizers will need a new set of skills to accelerate innovation and improve their value proposition to their customers. Learning digital tools for creating successful virtual or hybrid events is certainly a critical priority.

Marco Giberti

Founder & CEO - Vesuvio Ventures / VEI Advisor

The whole shift to virtual and communities is such an opportunity for our industry as a whole. I’m excited about participating in the VEI

Elizabeth Irving

Senior VP Marketing - Clarion Events / VEI Advisor

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